Engin Yigit


Unfinished Dreams / Background of
PAKT√úRK School and Turkish Teachers

Years ago, they went to Muhammad Iqbal’s hometown, Pakistan, and opened schools and brought up a large number of students. Those who live in the hearts of Pakistanis have signed something that will not be forgotten. Until Pak-Turkish schools were given by the thieves.

The book is based on the ideals and hopes of 1995, the son of education-Turkish schools that have great love, the desire to keep them alive with brotherhood, goodness and kindness in their walls, the most prestigious schools of Pakistan, which make the targeted ones talk, and the volunteer educators who teach in these schools. is acquiring.
In addition, the book is about the predictions, future and future events that will be passed on to future generations, and the examinations of rights debates, while the states of Turkey and Pakistan will represent the review and their games with all their images.

You can relate to all the events that took place in this book written by the most valiant, you can read the Pak-Turk schools and his travel with Turk, behind the scenes and have more detailed information about the events.